BAND history

So said an online ad that Elisa had placed seeking like-minded musicians to collaborate with in the production of original dark wave / new wave / gothic inspired projects. Charles answered the ad and showed up at the audition with his friend Allen, a guitarist that he had done some studio session work with for another local project. "You could tell that they worked well together and we spent the session going through some classic songs by the Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees," recalls Elisa.
Now meeting regularly in the studio that Charles had put together, the three were brining down various musical ideas for each other to work on - mostly with programmed drums, or an occasional drummer friend who was available. One night, after a work session, the three went to a local pub and met Roger and essentially wound up stealing him from a local cover band that he had been working with
Their first music video was released for their first single, "Into the Night". It was filmed on location at a castle in Bulgaria during a tour of eastern Europe.
A fan of the band in general - and Elisa in particular - emails Midnight Meridian and asks where he might be able to see the band play live at an upcoming show. Well, that turned out to be awkward because although the music is real, the band and its members are not. Conceived and created using 3D animation software, the band exists only as an idea of what could be in a world full of what often cannot be. Or some such blather... After "Into the Night", the project was put iinto a sort of suspended animation while other projects were worked on.
The Spring brings a fresh outlook. Now, with the release of the first album by Midnight Meridian, "Dream in Silence" - along with some new videos - Charles, Allen, Elisa, and Roger are back and looking forward to bringing some new strings of ones and zeroes for your digital pleasure.